Un·rav·el-/ʌnˈræv(ə)l/: 1.To undo woven threads 2. To become undone

Unraveling doesn’t happen at all once. It starts with a loose thread, and continues from there. When you’re unraveled or undone what is left is your essence, the experiences woven into the fabric of your existence that make you, you. In this spirit we invite artists to submit pieces that express their own individuality, citing a specific moment in time, when they found themselves unraveled. In a sense, we are asking our artists to unravel themselves.

Unravel is a student-run Literary journal at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, currently accepting submissions for the Fall of 2012. Our goal is to compile a multi-genre online journal that highlights these personal revelations. We are interested in literary enterprises that explore personal intimacy and an individual’s sense of identity. We will consider works of prose (nonfiction, fiction, electronic fiction, and flash fiction), poetry, specifically confessional poetry, and all forms of visual artwork.


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